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Report launch

Barbara Stagles at the
launch of 10th Anniversary Report

This page has links and references to publications such as documents and slide sets which may be of interest to members. They include materials published by WDVTA and documents from independent authors and organisations.


WDVTA Tree Watch

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Tree Watch Library

August 2023Issue 58Welcome, Events - September to November, WBC Tree Strategy, Tree Strategy Data, Honorary Alderman Status Given to Angus Ross, Other Local News (Oak Processionary Moth, Local SANGS, WBC new website, Berkshire Local Nature Recovery Strategy, Tree Planting in the Borough, Green Flag Award, Nature in Earley 2024, National Award for Shinfield School, Kew Herbarium Coming to TVSP, Fox Hill Woods, Berkshire Record Office, Earley Green Corridor Network), Bigwood - the 'Fairy Tree' - a Highwood Village Treasure, Community Orchards, The Veteran Tree Survey, Sadly Departed - MRNs 3206, 3207, 3208 and 3209, National (Tree) Treasures, Tree of the Year 2023, From the Commemorative and Special Tree Inventory - W119, Did you Know? - There are Pocket Novels, Species in Focus - Coastal Redwood, Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening, Trees that Refuse to Die, ... and to make you smile ...

WDVTA Newsletters

Newsletters are no longer published but back issues are available here to view online. Much of the material that used to be published in Newsletters now appears in Tree Watch, and details of forthcoming events can be found on the Events page.

February 2011Issue 13Barbara's Final Newsletter as Chair, Trees in Literature, Veteran Holm Oak in Earley, Tree Walk at Cantley, Forthcoming Events, Reflections from the Chair

WDVTA Publications

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Projects, Strategies, Research and Advice

  • Creating a Tree Strategy for Wokingham Borough

    The document sets out WBC's plans for how trees will be planted and cared for with the objective of protecting the local environment as well as promoting the health and welfare of everyone who lives, works or studies in the borough.

  • Trees and Telecommunications

    The Association of Tree Officers has published this report written with the engagement of the mobile phone industry infrastructure providers. It covers when trees can and cannot be pruned by providers without permission and gives advice on the planning process for the siting of cabinets and masts to minimise the impact on local trees.

  • Using Old Maps and Aerial Photographs

    Guidelines drawn up by members of the WDVTA to help those interested find out more about the history of the veteran trees they have come to know. The document gives help in taking the initial steps in consulting old maps and aerial photographs.

  • New map of ancient trees an opportunity for conservation

    BBC News item 30 June 2022

  • Restoring the Emm Brook

    A new and exciting partnership project by the South East Rivers Trust to breathe life back into the Emm Brook by restoring the river for both people and wildlife.

  • Trees and Design Action Group

    This is the organisation referred to by Jon Banks in his talk to WDVTA on January 2020.

  • Forest Research Advisory Note: Oak Processionary Moth

    The oak processionary moth is a major defoliator of oak in Europe. The larvae (caterpillars) feed on the foliage of many species of oaks, including English, Sessile and Turkey oaks (Quercus robur, Q.petraea and Q.cerris). Oak processionary moth is also a risk to human health.

  • Ivy - Friend or Foe?

    The issue of ivy and trees is one of those matters where it is all down to personal opinion. To some, it is a pernicious weed that smothers the natural form of trees and on which constant war must be waged. To others, it is an essential part of the wildlife habitat, providing shelter and food for a diverse range of different organisms.

  • Forestry Commission and DEFRA: The Big Tree Plant

    The main aim of The Big Tree Plant funding scheme is to encourage and support community groups to plant trees in neighbourhoods where people live and work.

  • The Great Yew Hunt

    Producing a Citizen Science project using EpiCollect software. (Charlie Harrison's 2011 dissertation)

  • Wokingham Town Verification Pilot Summary and WDVTA Verification Trial Analysis

    A WDVTA report (2010) on the results of verifying a selection of records from the WDVTA Veteran Tree database.

  • A Sonnet in Tribute to WDVTA by ChatGPT

    ChatGPT's response to "Describe WDVTA in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet"


  • Around the Three Valleys: An Exploration of the Geology, Landscape & History of the Lambourn, Kennet & Pang Valleys in West Berkshire .
    by Lesley Dunlop and Dick Greenaway, illustrated by Dorcas Ward. £10. Available from The Berkshire Geoconservation Group or the Reading Museum bookshop.

  • A guide to the identification of deciduous broad-leaved trees and shrubs in winter by Andrew May and Jonathan Panter. [ISBN 1851532072]
    Available from The Field Studies Council.

  • Fungi on Trees - an Arborists' Field Guide.
    Available from The Arboricultural Association. An order form can be downloaded from their website.