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This page has links and references to publications such as documents and slide sets which may be of interest to members. They include materials published by WDVTA and documents from independent authors and organisations.

Report launch

AGM 2012: launch of the
Wokingham Town survey report

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WDVTA Tree Watch

February 2015Issue 24Welcome, AGM, Events, Tree Warden Activities, Commemorative and Special Trees, The Veteran Tree Survey, Sadly Departed, Could you help train Bracknell surveyors?, Updates on items from November issue, Ivy - Friend or Foe, Profile - Linda Martin, This month's Acronym / Initialism - TROBI, Windsor Forest, Species in Focus - Oriental Plane, FAQ - How can I easily plot several trees on a map?, Fee Young's Tree Science, Very Sad News - Oliver Rackham

WDVTA Newsletters

Newsletters are no longer published but back issues are available here to view online. Much of the material that used to be published in Newsletters now appears in Tree Watch, and details of forthcoming events can be found on the Events page.

February 2011Issue 13Barbara's Final Newsletter as Chair, Trees in Literature, Veteran Holm Oak in Earley, Tree Walk at Cantley, Forthcoming Events, Reflections from the Chair

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WDVTA Publications and Slide Sets

Historic Pathways - Environmental Indicators of the age of paths

Author: Barbara Stagles, September 2014

WDVTA Response to WBC's planning application for Elms Field

WDVTA/Wokingham Tree Warden Network:
Comments on the LDA Design Report for Elms Field, the Paddocks car park and Wellington House Planning application number F/2013/2284 Section 3107, Trees Open Space, Planting and Landscaping

Trees in Wokingham Town (March 2012)

Report on a survey of veteran and significant trees 2006 - 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (July 2011)

Talk by Dr G Percival on the future of the horse chestnut in Britain. (Note large file: PDF 47 MB)

Trees in Literature (January 2011)

WDVTA Organisation and Membership

Membership Application Form
WDVTA Constitution
Equal Opportunities Policy

Health, Safety and Risk Assessment

H&S Briefing (PDF)
H&S Guidance for Reporting (PDF)
H&S Incident Reporting Form (PDF)
WDVTA Risk Assessment (PDF)
WDVTA Risk Assessment (MS Word)
WDVTA Risk Assessment (Open Document Format)

Local Guides and General Information

Documents and slide sets relating to WDVTA Events
Quick Guide to using the Garmin eTrex-H
WDVTA Verification Trial Analysis
Wokingham Town Verification Pilot Summary
Local Tree Locations and Walks
Bearwood Tree Walk (folded)
Bearwood Tree Walk (flat)
The Jubilee Avenues
Montague House Oriental Plane
Whiteknights Tree Walk
Publicly accessible areas with veteran trees in Wokingham Town
Tree Protection
A guide to tree preservation procedures - 2012
Guidance notes for completing a TPO
Tree Protection Order Request (PDF)
Tree Protection Order Request (MS Word)

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Tree Identification and Advice

Leaves (Woodland Trust)
Winter twigs (Woodland Trust)
Estimating a tree's age from its girth
Endangered Tree Advice
Using Old Maps and Aerial Photographs
Surveyor's Handbook

Projects, Research and Advice

The Hedge Tree Project - guide for landowners
FR Advisory Note: Oak Processionary Moth
Ivy - Friend or Foe?
The Big Tree Plant
The Great Yew Hunt (Charlie Harrison's dissertation)

Press articles

Wokingham Times: Town's historic trees recorded
Wokingham Times: Tree group's thank you to Barbara Stagles
Campaigners record 5,000th tree - Lewis Rudd October 06, 2011


Around the Three Valleys: An Exploration of the Geology, Landscape & History of the Lambourn, Kennet & Pang Valleys in West Berkshire .
by Lesley Dunlop and Dick Greenaway, illustrated by Dorcas Ward. £10. Available from The Berkshire Geoconservation Group or the Reading Museum bookshop.
A guide to the identification of deciduous broad-leaved trees and shrubs in winter by Andrew May and Jonathan Panter. [ISBN 1851532072]
Available from The Field Studies Council.
Fungi on Trees - an Arborists' Field Guide.
Available from The Arboricultural Association. An order form can be downloaded from the website.

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